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Pos Laju单号查询说明

Pos Laju is the leading courier company in Malaysia,connecting over 80% of populated areas across the country with its Next Day Delivery and other services. Pos Laju has the widest network coverage and the largest courier fleet in Malaysia.

Pos Laju’s suite of products and services are available at more than 1,000 outlets comprising of 704 Pos Malaysia outlets,264 Pos Mini outlets, 68 Pos Laju branches, 151 authorised agents, 24 Pos-On-Wheels, 6 Pos Laju kiosks, 13 Pos Laju service centres and 4 Pos Laju Go2U mobile units.

With the widest delivery network coverage that reaches practically every geographic area in Malaysia, as well as its presence in over 1,000 strategic locations across the country, Pos Laju provides better convenience and accessibility to connect all of Malaysia and beyond.

Pos Laju has also appointed over 100 authorised agents which enables customers to get access to Pos Laju’s services at IKOBANA (44 outlets), Mail Boxes Etc. (MBE) (50 outlets), MPH Bookstore (15 outlets), PROTON Edar branches and dealers (21 outlets) and individual agents (66 outlets). This not only extends the coverage of courier service to areas where Pos Laju outlets are inaccessible, but also enables customers to reach these services beyond normal working hours and during weekends.

Pos Laju是马来西亚领先的快递公司,其次日交付和其他服务覆盖了全国超过80%的人口稠密地区。 Pos Laju拥有最广泛的网络覆盖和马来西亚最大的快递车队。

Pos Laju的产品和服务包括704家Pos Malaysia店,264个Pos Mini店,68个Pos Laju分支,151个授权代理,24个Pos-On-Wheels,6个Pos Laju自助服务机,13个Pos Laju服务中心和4个Pos Laju Go2U移动单元。

Pos Laju拥有覆盖马来西亚几乎每个地理区域的最广泛的交付网络覆盖,以及遍及全国超过1000个战略位置的存在,为马来西亚和其他地区提供更好的便利和便利。

Pos Laju还委任了100多个授权代理,使客户能够在IKOBANA(44家商店),邮箱(MBE)(50家网点),MPH书店(15家网点),PROTON Edar分行和经销商访问Pos Laju的服务(21家网点)和个人代理(66家网点)。这不仅将快递服务的覆盖范围扩展到Pos Laju商店无法访问的区域,而且还使客户能够在正常工作时间和周末之后访问这些服务。